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Collaboration Not Competition


Although competition can be motivating and even fun, it also happens to be inherently divisive. Collaboration on the other hand, is a culture. It’s not about one person or organization winning, but rather about progressing as a group. Truly collaborative organizations need to have this as a value, weaved into their culture organically but [...]

Collaboration Not Competition2019-08-26T18:20:41+00:00

Healthy Writing


The benefits of journaling are beyond just recording your thoughts and memories. It is ultimately good for your health. See it as a blueprint for helping reach your goals. Providing baby steps towards more mindfulness and greater emotional intelligence.  In helping clarify and identify the necessary steps to get you from where you are [...]

Healthy Writing2019-08-21T15:25:27+00:00

Achieving Goals


Identifying our goals and taking concrete action towards them, does not usually happen easily or quickly.  Even having a clear vision doesn’t preclude us from encountering obstacles. The journey and clearing the path of said obstacles, in order to reach those goals is what makes the eventual success worth celebrating. True accomplishment comes from overcoming [...]

Achieving Goals2019-08-16T13:50:50+00:00

Creating Downtime


Downtime during our day provides us with the space to clear our minds, rest our thoughts and better process information. It can enhance memory, spark creativity, and improve attention spans. Given the increased speed at which the world moves, and the constant flow of information pushed at us constantly, we must take responsibility for [...]

Creating Downtime2019-08-07T18:48:49+00:00

Create Connections


Meaningful relationships can be the foundation of success and happiness. They help built trust and alliances. When we align with individuals that we feel a connection with, we redefine what is possible. Connections become priceless over time and allow us to build confidence in our lives and careers. Social support is one of the crucial [...]

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Being Simple


Simplification in life and business enhances the essentials, while allowing time for the important. There are multiple perspectives on what this could looks like. What is universal however, are the feelings of freedom or peace that comes along with it. This is easier said than done. The short method is identifying what’s most important [...]

Being Simple2019-07-17T18:58:31+00:00

Constructive Criticism


Receiving criticism from others may cause discomfort. Causing us to judge ourselves and feel defensive and hurt. Perhaps even disappointed and embarrassed, which when not dealt with can be self-deprecating. Start by remembering that criticism is often constructive and meant to help, not hurt. This reframe allows us to improve from it, rather than [...]

Constructive Criticism2019-07-09T13:51:52+00:00

Adapting to Change


Given that the only constant in life is that everything changes, adapting to it is inevitable to success. Leaders must be able to stay present and aware so that they are able to have clarity around what is needed for themselves and their teams. Accepting impermanence as positive allows for adjustments and minimizes resistance. [...]

Adapting to Change2019-06-27T00:32:15+00:00

A Little Quite


It takes courage to get out of our comfort zone and identify areas we wish to improve on. Doing so publicly or with a team can make for an added layer of discomfort. When this happens, there must be a willingness to stay positive and an awareness to acknowledge oneself for the effort.  Being authentic [...]

A Little Quite2019-06-27T00:28:07+00:00

Making Space


It’s by creating space that we build relationships. It provides us the necessary room to foster deeper meaning with those around us and in turn more meaningful business environments. Intentional interactions remove limitations and allow for more open-communication and creative solutions. Human connections produce new knowledge and positive experiences while enhancing compassion and collaboration. [...]

Making Space2019-06-19T18:04:47+00:00