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Stretch to Grown


Stretching beyond our comfort zone allows for growth. Although it may seem easier to remain in the familiar, it will limit our potential. By moving into the unknown and embracing what we may fear or struggle with, we can expand and grow. It allows us to develop areas and skills we may otherwise avoid. [...]

Stretch to Grown2021-03-05T15:12:14+00:00

Inside Strength


“In the midst of winter, I found there was, within me, an invincible summer” – Albert Camus No matter what we push up against, how hard or uncertain things feel, there is certainty in knowing there’s an inner strength we can tap into at any time. Collectively, our recent experiences have created multitudes of [...]

Inside Strength2021-02-26T14:56:51+00:00

Attitude of Gratitude


When facing challenges, an attitude of gratitude can help minimize fear and anxiety while ameliorating emotional responses. It wont change the situation we find ourselves in, but determines our reactions. Tapping into gratitude helps us better handle struggles and identify ways to overcome even the most difficult moments. Gratitude allows us to see beyond [...]

Attitude of Gratitude2021-02-22T15:42:30+00:00

Unexpected Happenings


Unexpected happenings cannot be controlled or stopped. Approaching them with intentionality helps make them valuable. We can feel hopeless and dwell in victimhood or we can choose to learn and grow from unforeseen challenges. When we react with a growth mindset, we are better able to assess the situation and choose how to proceed. [...]

Unexpected Happenings2021-02-12T21:24:24+00:00

Choosing Nos


In order to proceed with new year intentions and projects, we must choose our nos. If we don’t selectively decide what truly deserves our time and attention, we become spread thin. Our bandwidth must be preserved for the right choices and for actions that are in alignment. In choosing no, we are actually saying [...]

Choosing Nos2021-01-15T15:27:38+00:00

Small Wins


Inviting each of you to move into the new year celebrating your small wins. With an incomparable year of big feelings, huge uncertainties and unparalleled challenges, let gentleness to move you forward. Noticing and appreciating what you did and what learned versus lingering on short comings. Highlighting growth and opportunities even in the shadows. [...]

Small Wins2021-01-01T18:12:02+00:00

Celebrate Joy


Despite this holiday season being different and perhaps not what you’d choose, find ways to celebrate joy. Take note of the little moments. Create special rituals and new traditions. By noticing what you are able to do versus what you may be missing will make today meaningful. Share any ideas or unique ways you [...]

Celebrate Joy2020-12-27T20:06:30+00:00

Prioritize You


Do you find that you do things for others before doing for yourself? Do you say yes to things that take time away from meaningful moments with your family? Have you felt frustrated about not doing things you’ve wanted to do? If any of these resonate, it probably means you are not prioritizing yourself. [...]

Prioritize You2020-12-18T14:54:48+00:00

Celebrate You


Today I celebrate you and invite you to do the same. To recognize that even in discomfort and uncertainty, there are ways to self-soothe and refresh. That sprinkled in anxiety, fear and discontent, we can discover happiness and joy, with intentionality. Take a moment and notice something positive about yourself. A moment of patience, [...]

Celebrate You2020-12-01T18:52:31+00:00

Political Hangover


Regardless who you voted for, there is real exhaustion being felt. Emotions on over-drive and differing opinions widespread. It is time to honor yourself and be gentle with others. Aggression, judgement and discord do not help. Instead, try empathy and communication while remembering that we are all people. We all have feelings and despite [...]

Political Hangover2020-11-12T18:46:07+00:00