With many places reopening, activities and social interactions on the rise, do you choose to step back in fully or perhaps not at all.
As we navigate these changes, we may have very different approaches and reactions. Some can’t wait to travel, gather in large groups and throw parties. Other feel more reserved, hoping to maintain their level of downtime and slower pace. Many have uncertainties about what returning to work will require and be like. Some are struggling to hold on to the learnings and new priorities they gained during the pandemic.
Again we find ourselves in unchartered territories. Uncertainty and differences may be the only guarantees.
Therefore, it is important to create the mental and emotional space to pause. To think about what you choose and why. To check in with yourself, your family and your colleagues about where everyone is. To allow for course correction if needed and non-judgment of your needs and those of others, always.
This is a special and complicated time. One where we may feel unexpected grief, sadness for the time and people we’ve lost, gratitude for the small things we once took for granted.
It may also be a gift of change. Where we get to redefine how we live and work. To stay true to our discoveries and desires. To be more in alignment than we ever were.
Today, make that space for reflection. Decide how and if you want to step back in fully, partially or not at all yet. Communicate clearly w those around you and stay true to what yourself.
In Gratitude,
Fernanda Bressan



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