The human desire to be heard is a crucial part of communication. Any form of communication requires at least two participants: a speaker and a listener.

Speaking is about delivering information. That information must be heard. Not being heard is one of the biggest contributors to conflict in relationships and society. Being heard allows us connect and feel engaged with another person.

To be heard, we must listen actively. We must be fully present and listen without formulating a response or interrupting. Listening for the sake of engaging, and participating in the here and now. This can be a challenge when we have our own agenda or a need to be heard. We over share, speaking over others and not fully listening. Often resulting in disconnect and misunderstanding.

Becoming aware and mindful of not only our needs, but those of others helps remedy the misalignment. If we can pull back and recognize not only our needs, but pay attention to the needs of others, we may realize that listening is more impactful at times than being heard. We can take cues from body language, reactions and even tone. When we pay attention to those we are engaging with, from a place of openness and empathy, we may find common ground.

Today, notice the need to hear or be heard. Pay attention your needs but also those of the people you come in contact with and adjust accordingly. It may just drastically improve your communication and deepen your relationships.

In Gratitude,
Fernanda Bressan



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