Foundfully Fridays

Choosing Nos


In order to proceed with new year intentions and projects, we must choose our nos. If we don’t selectively decide what truly deserves our time and attention, we become spread thin. Our bandwidth must be preserved for the right choices and for actions that are in alignment. In choosing no, we are actually saying [...]

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Small Wins


Inviting each of you to move into the new year celebrating your small wins. With an incomparable year of big feelings, huge uncertainties and unparalleled challenges, let gentleness to move you forward. Noticing and appreciating what you did and what learned versus lingering on short comings. Highlighting growth and opportunities even in the shadows. [...]

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Celebrate Joy


Despite this holiday season being different and perhaps not what you’d choose, find ways to celebrate joy. Take note of the little moments. Create special rituals and new traditions. By noticing what you are able to do versus what you may be missing will make today meaningful. Share any ideas or unique ways you [...]

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Prioritize You


Do you find that you do things for others before doing for yourself? Do you say yes to things that take time away from meaningful moments with your family? Have you felt frustrated about not doing things you’ve wanted to do? If any of these resonate, it probably means you are not prioritizing yourself. [...]

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Celebrate You


Today I celebrate you and invite you to do the same. To recognize that even in discomfort and uncertainty, there are ways to self-soothe and refresh. That sprinkled in anxiety, fear and discontent, we can discover happiness and joy, with intentionality. Take a moment and notice something positive about yourself. A moment of patience, [...]

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Political Hangover


Regardless who you voted for, there is real exhaustion being felt. Emotions on over-drive and differing opinions widespread. It is time to honor yourself and be gentle with others. Aggression, judgement and discord do not help. Instead, try empathy and communication while remembering that we are all people. We all have feelings and despite [...]

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Impacting Others


Being of service impacts others and can create ripple effects of positivity. Even in trying times, finding opportunities to assist, pay a compliment, vote early or do an unexpected kind act can shift us away from despair. Hope comes in so many forms. When we make the time to look around and find places [...]

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Intentional Choices


In these trying times, it is not unusual to feel a mix of emotions. Despite some people and places seemingly returning to some version of normal, the unknowns still loom. Given the quantity of decisions we are having to make with such uncertain outcomes, stress levels may be high. Procrastination and distraction habitual. For [...]

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Mistakes Happen


Accepting ourselves and others when mistakes happen, is challenging. Holding on to feelings or frustrations only causes us to relive and repeat the pain. Mistakes are incidents or situations that have already happened. Since we are unable to alter the past, there is little that holding on will resolve. Instead, making peace or apologizing [...]

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Choosing Wisely


“Don't be distracted by emotions like anger, envy, resentment. These just zap energy and waste time." — Ruth Bader Ginsburg Be grateful for who you are, rather than who others want you to be. Find meaning in knowing and being your authentic self. Stand up for what you believe and make choices that align with [...]

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