Foundfully Fridays

Finding Comfort


“If you can't fly then run, if you can't run then walk, if you can't walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.” - Martin Luther King Jr. The times we are experiencing require bravery. We may be shaken to our core but can always choose to find comfort. [...]

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Mindful Choices


As many of us grieve the loss of our former lives, mindful choices may be extremely helpful. Finding ways to be more present and intentional helps shift us out of negative behaviors or patterns. By focusing on the here and now, we are able to appreciate and enjoy small repeated tasks, such as hand [...]

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Quiet Reflection


Taking time for quiet reflection during the Pandemic is not only important, it is essential. Making energetic space to process, is necessary even when it feels impossible. Our are hearts on endless rollercoasters, our minds flip flopping and in flux. We must step back to reflect, to identify moments of gratitude and try to [...]

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Dare to Feel


Interminably challenging situations are pushing us to uncomfortable limits. Just when we feel there may be some normalcy on the horizon another doozy surfaces. Our emotions on high alert. In these times we must dare to feel. To embrace the highs and lows. To accept that our feeling are in a constant state of [...]

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Freedom to be Yourself


The freedom to be yourself is the ultimate experience of life. The freedom of (self)awareness and authenticity. The ability to act instead of being acted upon is positive freedom. To make our own choices not based on external interferences or circumstances. Rather, to choose consciously and in alignment with our own purpose and essence. [...]

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Diverse Perspective


A willingness to listen to different perspectives allows for growth, learning, unlearning and change. We are desperately in need of leadership. Of courageous people willing to be vulnerable and brave enough to acknowledge their privilege in order to have open and honest dialogue. Of diverse leaders with differing perspectives who are willing to embrace [...]

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Freedom Day


Today, as the US celebrates Juneteenth, I invite us all to be intentional. To celebrate the end of slavery but also to do & learn more. Use this day as a time of remembrance, exploration and celebration of African American history and heritage. Take time to educate yourself and to learn how to make [...]

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We Need You


We need you Every single one of YOU. Your strength. Your compassion. Your voice! Your unique approach and perspective is needed. Your willingness to stand up for others is crucial. Your silence is not acceptable. How will you take responsibility? What can you learn? Who can you listen to? What are you willing to share [...]

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Today We Listen


We stand in solidarity with the Black community and are united in the fight against systemic racism in our country. Today, we prefer to listen. To learn and do our part and our own work on anti-racism. Rather than a Foundfully Friday, we share Anti-Racism Resources, intended to serve as a resource to white [...]

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Communicate Ambivalence


With the world starting to reopen, various opinions, approaches and risk tolerance levels abound. Vacillation is absolutely normal. Being uncertain about safety, reaching a breaking point, wanting to have more social interactions and feeling ambivalent can be daunting. I invite you to start by being honest with yourself and your immediate family about what [...]

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