Foundfully Fridays

Our Inner Child


What is at the depth of our feelings? How do we connect and heal from past hurts? How can we let go of embarrassments and judgments that created layers of self-doubt? In embracing our inner child and deep sensitivity, we heal old wounds and feel worthy. By loving that part of ourselves, recognizing it [...]

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Selfish or Selfless?


There is a reason the airlines instruct us to put our oxygen mask on first before caring for others. Without doing so, we would not be able to help those around us. Same goes in our lives and businesses. When we prioritize ourselves, it often feels selfish or wrong. Truth is, unless we intentionally [...]

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Finding Gratitude


Times when we feel disappointed and at a loss are tough. Testing our mood, patience and practices. Tapping into tools like gratitude can escape us at the very moments we need it most. Creating opportunities to practice when we feel ok, help us recall and use such resources when we don’t. Allow today to [...]

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Choosing Now


Life happens ‘for us’ not ’to us’. It is entirely up to us how we live our lives. How we respond and react or not. We get to choose how to prioritize ourselves and our needs. Our “to dos” are endless. Things that occupy us. Thoughts that derail or bind us. Choices we falsely [...]

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Self Love


Self-love is dynamic. It is not just a state of feeling good. It’s deep appreciation for oneself. It grows from actions we choose to take that support our physical, psychological and spiritual selves. True love of self means accepting who we are and requires self-compassion and maturity. It means expanding and finding more satisfaction [...]

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Seizing The Moments


Appreciating and living each moment fully seems like a favorable plan, however, it’s often easier said than done. It is when we face tragedies and are reminded of how fragile life can be, that we are awakened to making choices that align with the lives we want to lead. We often find we are [...]

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Alignment of Vision


Clarity of vision plus explicitly communicating it, enables higher performance. Allowing us to fulfill our long-term purpose. When we can identify and take action both internally and externally that mirror the values we hold sacred, we stay in alignment. Providing structure and clarity empowers all involved to work towards a common goal. It fortifies [...]

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Hearing + Being Heard


The human desire to be heard is a crucial part of communication. Any form of communication requires at least two participants: a speaker and a listener. Speaking is about delivering information. That information must be heard. Not being heard is one of the biggest contributors to conflict in relationships and society. Being heard allows [...]

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Inner Voices


We have an inner voice that can project criticism or wisdom. This inner critic may seem like a reflection of reality, when in actually it is not.  It is a voice that developed over time to try to protect us from embarrassment, judgment and shame.  Unfortunately, rather than protect, that voice damages and holds us [...]

Inner Voices2020-01-10T03:47:50+00:00

Embrace Failure


Fear of failure means missed opportunities. By embracing failure, we learn and grow. Failure teaches us about ourselves and how we respond to unique situations. It can help us discover how strong we are. It allows our resilience and creativity to flourish in trying times. Failing at something can help us discover true friendships [...]

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