Although competition can be motivating and even fun, it also happens to be inherently divisive. Collaboration on the other hand, is a culture. It’s not about one person or organization winning, but rather about progressing as a group. Truly collaborative organizations need to have this as a value, weaved into their culture organically but most importantly, followed through by the actions and efforts of all participants.

Competitive organizations encourage individuals to achieve results and outperform others. While collaborative cultures often reduces stress around job security, decrease ‘fight or flight’ instincts and enhance overall morale.

A competitive work place drives results, often by being a fear-driven, overworking, and individualistic environment. Collaborative environments also drive results, but through creativity, positivity & teamwork. By sharing ideas and skills, internal and external collaboration efforts, generally enhance performance and improve results. In identifying and allowing the strengths of others to be seen and utilized as an asset versus a threat, all those involved benefit.

It is through collaboration that we grow, discover new possibilities and ensure innovation in our constantly changing environments. Furthermore, collaboration inspires team members and expands their networks, opening doors and connections that otherwise would not exist.

Does your organization collaborate?  How do you instill a collaborative mindset with your team? Do you feel part of a collaborative environment? Why/why not? How do you personally collaborate with others? Share insights by replying to me directly, as we at Foundfully are always striving to learn, collaborate and grow.



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