We are all different. Not all systems and tools work for everyone. We need to recognize that the most important way to achieve productivity is to ensure that what we choose to do and focus on actually matters to us.

Given our differences, our passions, desires and goals will all be unique. To be effective means something different to each of us. We cannot all rely on similar tools or systems. We must find the ones that speak to us and that we will use consistently to get what we really want.

You may be asking, how do I know what that is and will work for me?

It all starts with reflection.

Looking back at the last 12 months, what were the things that were really important to you? What was painful and challenging? Gaining clarity about not only what worked but also what did not work and why is key. Choosing what really matters to you personally, and narrowing that focus, will allow you greater productivity.

In doing this, you can better define your “why” and your personal mission statement, which in turn will be your north star. A guiding light to determine what you should or shouldn’t do. What you say yes to and what you pass on. What systems and tools you need to discover and implement to continue taking action.

When you do this, you create attainable goals or “to do” lists. You prioritize things that totally resonate and are aligned with your personal mission. In doing so, the endless “to do” list diminishes. You simplify and are left with the essentials that you can truly tackle, achieve and accomplish.

What’s your personal mission and Why? What do you need to eliminate so you can follow your North Star and be more productive in the coming year?



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