We have an inner voice that can project criticism or wisdom. This inner critic may seem like a reflection of reality, when in actually it is not.  It is a voice that developed over time to try to protect us from embarrassment, judgment and shame.  Unfortunately, rather than protect, that voice damages and holds us back. While it can repeatedly hurt us, it can also be quieted.

Today, pay attention and identify your inner critic. Once you notice it, label it as what it is. Remember it is not you. It is an inner gremlin that does not represent your point of view. Don’t let it stop you from doing things or from taking chances and following your heart. Instead, start to separate yourself from it.

Once you’ve recognized and made peace with the critic, you can start quieting the repeated critiques. By identifying, separating from, and then acting against this destructive thought process, you will grow stronger, while your inner critic grows weaker.

Knowing that inside, you have an inner wisdom that can help quiet the critic is crucial. You can tap into that anytime your critic speaks up or knocks you down. You can reframe the comments in ways that help you rather than hinder.

Don’t wait another day. Start today by building self-confidence each time you use your inner wisdom to quiet your inner critic. It’s a simple yet difficult choice to make.  Making it is a seemingly difficult change yet a simple solution. This will allow your true self to speak while you showcase the greatness that lives inside.

In Gratitude,
Fernanda Bressan



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