Our paperless, 3-step process can be completed online in just a few minutes provided you have all the information required.

Your estoppel certificate package will be provided electronically via email. Choose between our  expedited 72-Hr rush service or our standard 7-Day turnaround service.


Before moving on to step 2, you’ll want to read through this page and  have the following information handy:

(a) the requesting party name, telephone number and an email address ,

(b) the current owner’s and prospective buyer’s names and;

(c) the property’s address.

In addition – and this is really important! – you’ll need  a copy of the recorded certificate of title or vesting warranty deed in the current owner’s name. You can upload this item as a pdf, scanned image .

In this step, you’ll complete our online form. You’ll need to enter the information we listed in Step 1 and upload either the copy of the recorded certificate of title or vesting warranty deed .

In addition, you’ll need to choose your payment method (credit card or check). Paying via credit card is the quickest and most convenient option. If you choose to pay by check, Step 3 will include check payment instruction.

Paying with a major credit card? Use our secure, online checkout. We will provide you with an electronic receipt and a printable PDF confirmation for your records.

If you choose to pay by check, we will include downloadable payment and mailing instructions, along with an email confirmation. Note: we will not process your request  until your check has been received.

* Prefer completing this request using a paper form and the US Postal service? We’ve included a link with printing and mailing instructions at the bottom of this page. 


The total fee you pay has 2 components: (1) a $155 transfer fee that that is a seller’s expense as per the association documents and; (b) our estoppel request fee, which is $250 (if you choose our 7-day standard service) or $350 (if you choose our expedited, 72-Hr rush request).

Therefore your total fee for a 7-day turnaround request is $405.00. If you choose our 72hr rush service, your total fee is $505.*

The Fine Print (*)
  • Turnaround times quote in business days and does not include weekends or holidays. Requests received after 3:00p.m. E.S.T. will be processed the next business day.
  • If you choose to pay via check, processing will begin once the check is received by our office.
  • An additional fee of $150.00 may be charged if the account is found to be in legal collections.
  •  If original documents are required, you must provide a stamped self-addressed envelope or prepaid overnight envelope and include a $25.00 fee.
  • UPDATE REQUEST: 1st request after 30 calendar days- $125.00; 2nd request after 60 calendar days- $250.00.
  • VIOLATION ONLY UPDATES: Within 14 calendar days of original estoppel certificate-no charge; a second request within the 14 calendar days of original estoppel $50.00; within 15-30 calendar days $50.00; within 31-45 calendar days $75.00. After 45 days, a new Estoppel Request will be required.


Proceed to Step 2 (Complete Form & Upload)
Want to complete this request using a paper form, USPS or courier service and paying by check? Click Here to download our paper process instructions.