Feeling more hopeful, returning to some old activities or routines may be where you find yourself today. That can co-exist with a lack of focus, purpose and joylessness.
Not unhappy but lacking excitement. Not depressed but lacking well-being. Not alone but sometimes lonely. Many are noticing these feelings but assume it’s a result of a year plus of the pandemic. It may however be what psychologist call languishing.
Languishing is the middle of the road between depression and flourishing. A feeling of aimlessness and stagnation. Seeing your days, your work, even your friendships through a dull hazy lens. An inability to snap out of it or to feel fully engaged despite the positives of everyday life or work.
Identifying and naming this emotion can help. It will allow you to stop being indifferent and ask for help or find support. Bringing even the seemingly insignificant changes you may be experiencing into focus. In doing so, it turns what may be chronic into fixable.
If you are not experiencing this, it is likely someone you know or work with is. Understanding what it is will allow you to notice and help others who need it.
Today, take notice of how you feel. Ask yourself honestly how you are doing. Maybe ask a coworker or a friend. The answer doesn’t need to be “great”, “fine” or “ok”. Be real. Sharing your feeling of languishing or hearing about theirs may help minimize the perception of being alone in this.
If this resonates and you need someone to talk to, reach out. If it seems silly or unimportant in the bigger scheme of what s going on in the world, know that you matter. That even if there are much greater challenges people face, you too deserve to flourish.
In Gratitude,
Fernanda Bressan



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