The idea that doing less could mean more was completely foreign to me for most of my life.

I had been of the belief that hard work and dedication had no limits. That the more we gave the more we received. The more we sowed the more we reaped.  The longer our “to do list” the more we could achieve.

This all made sense to me, until I realized that more was not necessarily better. That sometimes choosing quantity meant sacrificing quality. It prompted huge changes for me personally and professionally over the last couple years.

I realized that pushing, accelerating and striving for more was actually hurting me and the relationships in my life.

Rather that cherishing the work, enjoying the process and reveling in the moments with my friends and family, I was thinking ahead, planning, strategizing and over doing everything.

I was over-committed, over-worked & over-zealous. Missing the fundamental basic pleasures that life and work were supposed to be about.

This self-awareness caused me to take a hard look at everything and forced me to make some meaningful choices.

I chose to make a drastic change by reducing my client commitments, minimizing non-essential engagements and activities, taking on less business and physically decluttering my home and office. All of which allowed me to embark on a magical and memorable year+ of travel and world schooling.

The result? Less brought me more.

It allowed me to feel more. To see more. To be more. More engaged, more present, more alive, more connected and more me. Which in turn led me to new relationships, (re)connections, conversations and possibilities. All of which have had a direct benefit to my life and business.

By making choices to simplify and lessen my load I mindfully created more space. The space made for a more meaningful existence for myself. One that continues to positively affect all aspects of my life today.

Where can you simplify or what can you do less of to find deeper meaning in your life or business?

In Gratitude,
Fernanda Bressan



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