Small actions determine the quality of our relationships. They can be beneficial to both the giver and the recipient. Impacting how we all show up in the world.
Small gestures are always crucial and anyone can opt to perform them. That said, many of us are tired of hearing that we should stay positive or find the opportunities in this pandemic. It can add unnecessary pressure, induce guilt and create uncomfortable scenarios.
There are however, all sorts of little things we can do that may help without added stress.
Here are three simple yet impactful ways we can choose to incorporate small gestures.
One, listen deeply. Many want to be heard. They don’t need or want someone to solve their challenges, they just want to feel heard.
Two, start with yourself. Show vulnerability and be honest. This small step helps others feel safe to do the same. Realizing we aren’t alone helps.
Lastly, be kind. A gesture, word or note of appreciation goes a long way. A smile or praising something someone does or says doesn’t take much and can mean everything.
From the workplace to our homes, feeling connected to others, our community and our team helps us thrive during tough and not-so-tough times.
When we are acknowledged and do the same for others, we elevate the depth of our connections. We feel appreciated, creating a higher level of person satisfaction. That translates into how we interact, perform and engage.
Choose and perform a small gesture today. It’s readily accessible at any time and can have a profound effect on someone.
In Gratitude,
Fernanda Bressan



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