When our path forward seems cluttered with unspoken expectations and undesirable feelings, it’s time to pivot.

In today’s world, the only constant is change. Not just any change, fast, ever-happening change. We must stay nimble, open and communicative, in order to ensure our path aligns and serves us, our bosses, co-workers and clients. Revisiting our values, vision and mission is something we must do periodically. It will ensure we are on the right path, or allow us to modify and adjust, as needed.

Acknowledging that we need to regroup and pivot is the first important step. When one (or more of us) identify this need, we can bet there is work to be done and that the work will take us forward in a better, clearer and more meaningful way.

The alternative, you may be asking? Dissatisfaction, frustration and disagreements. All of which can lead to lack of performance, emotional outbursts and ultimately negatively affect us and the business.

We are at a cross-road. We have identified a need. Some believe it’s crucial. Others perhaps don’t see it. What do we do now?

The simple answer is get together in an intentional setting.  To work on positive experiences that will allow us to share, express and divulge our challenges so that together, we can then agree to specific actionable steps to course-correct and pivot. This will move us in the direction we all wish to go in.

The result, you may be asking? Success. Alignment and forward momentum towards common goals, increased revenues and ultimately happiness between work + life.

Where do you need to pivot today?



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