As the world slowly starts to (re)open, humans everywhere are continuing to deal with uncertainties. From varied degrees of risk tolerance to professional and economic insecurities to fears personally and for loved ones.
Most, if not all, of those uncertain thoughts and emotions are out of our control. Acknowledging that reality allows me to pivot my focus and redirect my inner dialogue.
A fruitful reflection for me has been around being more intentional and aware of the unexpected gifts in my life in the times of covid.
This is not to say I haven’t struggled, cried repeatedly or lacked focus and motivation some days. However, I’ve come to recognize that even those moments should be counted as gifts.
Opportunities for introspection & self-awareness, tender (& not so tender) moments with my family, minimal social pressures or obligations. Ultimately I’ve been gifted the time and space to make some very personal choices. Some that previously may have seemed unpopular or even impossible, without any guilt. Forced by circumstances outside my control.
I ask myself daily now about my feelings, my true priorities and about my actual needs versus wants. I get curious about how to hold onto and take some of these very important gifts with me, as I navigate this different reality we are all entering.
My answers, like my moods throughout all of this, are in constant flux. What I can share with certainty though, is that having become aware of these gifts, I vow to not take them for granted.
What gifts have you experienced and how will you hold on to them?
Today record a short audio or video of yourself reflecting on your gifts and share it with me. Perhaps in the near future I can return the kindness by sharing this little reminder back with you, to ensure that your chosen gifts keep on giving.


In Gratitude,

Fernanda Bressan




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